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Brett McMurphy On What He'd Be "Surprised" By For Urban Meyer, Ohio State

Brett McMurphy speaking back when he worked at ESPN.

Ohio State will be wrapping up its investigation into how Urban Meyer handled allegations of domestic violence against his former wide receivers coach Zach Smith from back in 2015 this week. Friday, the man who broke the original story two weeks ago, Brett McMurphy, said he expects Meyer to at a minimum be suspended.

McMurphy, just over two weeks ago, dropped a bombshell report on Facebook that suggested Meyer lied during Big Ten Media Days when he said he didn't know about the 2015 allegations against Smith. Meyer, two days later, issued a statement on Facebook, admitting that he did know about the allegations. He also said he followed proper "protocol" in reporting them to his superiors.

McMurphy joined Open Mike with Mike Bianchi down in Orlando on 96.9 and gave somewhat of an updated prediction on what he thinks will happen to Meyer.

McMurphy isn't sure whether Meyer will be fired or suspended - but he said it would "surprise" him if Ohio State didn't issue any kind of punishment on the head coach.

"Everything that I have reported about this throughout the past couple weeks, Ohio State has known about it. They just decided to fire Zach Smith because it went public. So does that mean that they're embarrassed by this information getting out? Is Urban Meyer ultimately punished for that? My gut - honestly, I have no idea.

I wouldn't be surprised - the only decision that Ohio State ultimately makes that I would be surprised by is if there was no punishment. I would be surprised by that.

If he's suspended for a number of games or if he's fired I wouldn't be surprised. If they simply said "we've looked at everything, and he's our coach. There's no penalty" That would be the only result that would surprise me."

McMurphy was also asked about Jeff Snook's reporting. You can listen to the entire interview here.

Ohio State's original timeline - two weeks - runs up this Sunday. That said, it's very possible that we don't learn Meyer's fate until next week.