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Bruce Feldman Announces He's Joining Sports Illustrated

Bruce Feldman has announced that he'll be writing for Sports Illustrated.

Last week, it was revealed that FOX Sports would be ditching written content to focus on video distribution. As a result, more than 20 writers and editors are out of a job. College football insider Bruce Feldman, whose contract ran up in April, is reportedly among those who won't be publishing for the network anymore. Feldman will however, have a role with the network on camera.

Monday, Feldman announced where he'll be producing his written content. Feldman will continue covering college football - and he'll be doing it for Sports Illustrated.

Check it out:

Feldman is one of the best in the industry, so it isn't a surprise to hear that he's landed a job rather quickly. Let's hope the rest of the former staff at FOX lands on their feet as well.