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Petition Started To Ban Ohio State "Superfan" Buck-I-Guy From All University Functions

ohio state "superfan" buck-i-guy drives around ohio state

Have we seen the last of Ohio State "superfan" Buck-I-Guy? If some Buckeyes fans have their way, it looks like we might have.

Buck-I-Guy, who's John Chubb, a lifelong Columbus resident and Ohio State fan in real life, has angered basically all of OSU's fan base. He did a couple of things at the memorial service of legendary coach Earle Bruce that has fans really upset.

Chubb showed up to the service in his full outfit and apparently sat in the front row. He then signed a picture that was labeled for "players and coaches only."

Ohio State players and fans are seriously "angered" by this. Here's how some have reacted. 

Now, a petition has been started to ban him from all university functions. The petition already has more than 500 signatures.

"Encourage The Ohio State University to ban John Chubb a.k.a. Buck I. Guy from attending University functions as the Buck I. Guy character. His conduct is distracting and at times offensive. Because his antics are tolerated by The University it appeared he is endorsed by OSU Athletics. He is a disgrace. His clear agenda of self-promotion is not in keeping with the values of The University or the community. He is a poor representation and embarrassing face to the national audiance that enjoys OSU Athletics," the petition writes.

Ohio State probably can't legally ban Buck-I-Guy from university functions for what he did at Bruce's memorial service. Still, this does show just how disliked he is by a large portion of the Buckeyes' fan base.

Buck-I-Guy has always been someone that's bothered a decent amount of Ohio State fans. Now, he seems to be truly disliked.