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Video: College Football Punter Scores A 69-Yard Touchdown

Western Carolina punter Caleb Ferguson runs for a 69-yard touchdown.


Chattanooga's special teams players are going to have a long day when they get into the film room. During today's game against Western Carolina, they surrendered a 69-yard touchdown run by Catamounts punter Caleb Ferguson.

To rewind a bit, Ferguson isn't only a punter. He's listed as a running back, and he definitely has some wheels.

However, offense isn't his main utility. He's the team's starting punter, with two kicks for an average of 43.5 yards on the day.

The highlight, for perhaps his entire college career, will be this fake punt dart through the heart of the Chattanooga defense, though.

Watch Caleb Ferguson go:

Ferguson entered the day with two rushes for three yards so it wasn't super obvious that he might take off, even with his other role as a back-up running back. Even so, the effort by the receiving team for the Mocs was severely lacking.

On the bright side, that touchdown hasn't been the difference in the game, at least to this point.

Chattanooga is up 44-28 midway through the third quarter. Most of us are focused on Clemson's struggles with North Carolina, or other FBS-level action, but this one in the FCS ranks is a serious barn burner.