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CBS' Gary Danielson Says The SEC's Fundamentals 'Have Gotten A Little Weaker'

His explanation for why is interesting.

SEC fans love to tout their conference's college football supremacy, so these quotes might sting.

During an interview with WJOX in Birmingham earlier today, SEC on CBS analyst Gary Danielson was asked about the overview of the league and the top storylines around the SEC.

Danielson said he thinks the league's fundamentals have gotten weaker, and he blames the pressure to compete with and beat Alabama for causing it.

“Top to bottom the whole league is wondering ‘have we maybe gone down the wrong course with our programs as we try to tool our programs to compete with Alabama or beat Alabama,'” Danielson said. “I think a lot of the teams in the league have thought ‘we need to go more uptempo. We need to be more finesse. We need to have a scrambling, running quarterback.’ Because in reality there has been some success against Alabama on occasions where hot mobile quarterbacks have beaten them. But I think top-to-bottom the league’s fundamentals have gotten a little weaker. I don’t think they play as solid football week-in and week-out.

“Even at Auburn, I think Gus Malzahn is realizing that if you put too much of your program around one player — the quarterback– where the running game and the passing game and everything is decided by scoring. I think Auburn is a reflection of that around the league, that if that guy isn’t ‘the guy’ it’s really tough to win. And I think a lot of the coaches, like at Texas A&M with Kevin [Sumlin] and with Gus at Auburn, they’re realizing they need more balance to be the program they want to be. And then they’ll just take their chances with Alabama at the end.”

Whether you agree with Danielson or not, he raises some interesting points, and he certainly isn't the only person to wonder if Alabama's recent dominance is good for the league overall.

The full interview with Danielson can be heard below.

Danielson will be paired with Brad Nessler on CBS broadcasts this season after the retirement of Verne Lundquist.

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