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CBS Gives 1 CFB Head Coaching Hire An "F" Grade

Generic photo of footballs in an end zone.

(Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images)

On Tuesday afternoon, CBS Sports broke down all of the new college football coaches and which programs hired the right man for the job. While a few programs hit it out of the park - think Ryan Day at Ohio State and Les Miles at Kansas - several programs were left with more questions than answers.

Only one program, however, earned an "F" with its hire. That honor goes to Utah State, which lost head coach Matt Wells to Texas Tech.

The Aggies went on to hire Gary Anderson, who previously coached the team.

CBS Sports doesn't like the hire.

The Aggies replaced one of the top, rising coaches (Wells) with a retread. Not only is Andersen a retread, he's walked out on Wisconsin and Oregon State. Somehow, Utah State hired back a coach who was only 26-24 in his first go-round with the Aggies before leaving in 2012. In a 30-year coaching career, Andersen has stayed at one place (Utah) longer than four years. In those 30 years, he's been at 10 different schools. Utah somehow hired him three different times. Career record: 57-61. Good luck, Aggies.

That's not exactly the reaction you're hoping for when you hire a new head coach.

You can see every coaching grade here.