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CBS Sports Names The 5 Most Difficult College Football Schedules

Which teams have the toughest schedules in college football?

CBS Sports released a list this afternoon of the toughest schedules in college football.

When you look at it, you might notice one thing. there are no SEC teams in it, and three Big Ten programs. This seems strange, but the explanation is that while the SEC and ACC are better leagues, they play one less conference game than the Big Ten. Also, Big Ten teams on the list don't play an FCS opponent.

The five toughest schedules, in order from 5-1, are as follows: Oklahoma State, Illinois, Syracuse, Purdue, Michigan State.

Here's what CBS says about the Spartans, and their No. 1 toughest schedule:

If Michigan State rebounds from an awful 3-9 record last year to compete in the Big Ten East this year, it will have earned it. The nonconference isn't murderous, but it's not simple, either. Bowling Green should be a win, and Western Michigan won't be easy, but there's some question as to how good the Broncos will be following so many key losses. Then there's Notre Dame, which went 4-8 last season, but Notre Dame was a better team than its record reflected. Still, what does it for Michigan State is its Big Ten schedule. The Spartans not only have to play Ohio State, Michigan and Penn State this season, but only Penn State will be coming to East Lansing. Also, five of Michigan State's Big Ten games will be on the road this season (it's the East's turn), and its cross-divisional draw avoids the West's heavyweights, but it still provides challenges in Iowa, Minnesota and Northwestern.

To read through the whole list, click the link above or click here.