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Clay Travis Thinks Bob Stoops Should Be Fired For Not Booting Joe Mixon

Oklahoma head coach Bob Stoops is catching some heat after the release of the Joe Mixon assault video on Friday.

Friday, video of Oklahoma running back Joe Mixon's assault on Amelia Molitor was released to the media for the first time, and needless to say, the college football world was appalled. In the aftermath, head coach Bob Stoops, school AD Joe Castiglione and school president David Boren have all been getting criticized for making the joint decision to only suspend Mixon for the 2014 season rather than booting him from the school.

FOX Sports analyst Clay Travis suggested on Monday morning that Stoops should be fired for the decision. He put up a poll - and currently, 78% of people agree with him.

Regardless, at this point, it would be tough for Stoops to get canned - considering the decision wasn't just made by him. If Stoops were to go, wouldn't Castiglione and Boren also have to face the same fate? Either way, it's pretty obvious that at lease some portion of the public is outraged.