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Clay Travis, John Walters Got Into A Nasty Twitter Fight

Clay Travis on Fox Sports.

Clay Travis Ohio State

Clay Travis and John Walters won't be sending each other holiday cards this year.

We've got ourselves a pretty nasty Twitter fight between Newsweek Senior Sports Writer John Walters and FOX Sports' Clay Travis. Here's how it all started Saturday afternoon:

Walters, who is often very outspoken on Twitter, isn't a fan of the DBAP (Don't Be A Pussy) shirts that Clay Travis and his site (Outkick the Coverage) are selling. In fact, he believes that Travis, who voted for Hillary Clinton, is exploiting the more conservative portion of his fan base by pushing the shirts.

Here's a photo of the shirt:

Here's the back-and-forth. Walters' "hood" reference seems to be a reference to the KKK. He later notes that he does not believe Travis is racist - just opportunistic.

Get all that?

Neither party here is a stranger to Twitter fights, but this one was particularly over the top. Who do you favor?