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Clemson And Alabama Will Meet In National Championship Again This Season According to Dan Wolken

According one analyst, Clemson and Alabama will meet again in the National Championship this season.

Alabama and Clemson have faced off in the National Championship game the last two years, and according to USA Today's Dan Wolken, all signs point to them meeting up once again for a trilogy-style bout.

He posted his thoughts on Twitter earlier today.

Check it out:

Hot, lukewarm or cold take? That's for you to decide.

According to the staff over at Sports Illustrated, though, the prospect of seeing the Tigers and the Tide face off again is...unlikely.

Mike Harris even went so far as to put the odds of the teams meeting in the title game at 250-1:

It will be stunning if it happens again, just stunning, and that’s not a knock on Alabama or Clemson.

Teams in pro baseball, basketball and hockey play a series of games and that usually (but not always) makes it easier for the best teams to advance. In pro football and college football, there are no series. There’s one game. There’s a reason it is very rare to see the same Super Bowl matchup in successive years. You have a bad day, you can’t come back and get ’em tomorrow. You’re done. To get through a regular season, a league championship game and a national semifinal unscathed is very difficult. It’s actually kind of stunning Clemson and Alabama each made it twice in a row.

A third matchup would be a lot of fun, but there’s an extremely slim chance.

I wouldn't be surprised to see Alabama in the National Championship, but Clemson won't even be the best team in the ACC this year. I'd be shocked to see both teams meet for a third time.