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Comparing The Scholarship Offer Letters From Clemson, South Carolina

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Here’s what the two different official scholarship offer letters look like.

It is August 1, which means college football programs have sent out official scholarship offer letters to recruits around the country.

Clemson and South Carolina share a heated rivalry on the field, and compete head to head off of it on the recruiting trails as well.

Here’s what scholarship offers from the two programs look like, and how they differ:


South Carolina

The content of these two letters are fairly similar, as you'd expect from one of these documents, but there are some interesting comparisons and contrasts to make:

  • Clemson definitely has the more interesting design, with the bright orange letter and unique font, while South Carolina kept things more standard with the black-and-white color scheme, although it does add a bit of garnet flair.
  • Both letters are pretty business-oriented at the beginning, defining the terms of the scholarship and the requirements the players must reach to officially obtain it.
  • Clemson goes into far more details about the program, and, as you'd imagine, mentions the recent national championship, though it takes a while for the letter to get there. South Carolina has very little description of the program, its accomplishments, or its goals for the player.

Which do you like better?