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Clinton Portis Says He Was Close To Killing His Financial Manager

The former college and NFL star revealed he had to get talked out of murdering someone.

Clinton Portis had to get talked out of murdering someone, according to a new story by Sports Illustrated.

The former star running back for the Miami Hurricanes and multiple NFL teams made more than $40 million during his career, but lost a lot of it due to bad financial management.

Portis, now 35, told SI that he was ready to kill a financial manager who he blamed for his loss of money.

The former Hurricanes' star was sitting outside of a building with a gun in hand, ready to kill the man, before being talked out of it by a friend.

“It wasn’t no beat up,” Portis told the magazine. “It was kill.”

Portis added that if he hadn't been calmed down that night, he probably would be in prison right now.

The two-time Pro Bowler filed for bankruptcy in 2015.

You can read SI's full story here.