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Coastal Carolina Coach Criticizes Nick Saban For Election Comments

A college football coach has chastised Nick Saban for his comments on the presidential election.

Alabama football coach Nick Saban said he didn't even know that last Tuesday was election day in the United States. Saban, the best coach in the country, was promptly criticized for either 1. lying or 2. his lack of awareness/care of the American political process.

Coastal Carolina football coach Joe Moglia, who arranged for more than 100 of his players to vote on election day or beforehand, has a message for Saban. He's unhappy with him.

From The Sun News:

“The reason I’m disappointed, No. 1, he’s the highest-paid public employee that exists in the United States, but it’s far greater than that for me,” Moglia said. “The threat of terrorism is probably going to be with us for the next couple generations. So it’s the military that has to protect us, and I don’t think ever before in the history of mankind has the world needed the economic and military leadership of the United States.

"In a democracy we get a chance to pick those leaders. So to pick the leader of the free world last Tuesday was the most important thing going on in the world that day, and to not realize that and not to be aware of that frankly is disrespectful to his team, to his school, to his state, to the country. There’s still a piece of me that can’t believe he even said that.”

Saban did later clarify his comments, saying he voted in the election via an absentee ballot, and forgot it was election day that Tuesday because it's his biggest work day of the week.

Coastal Carolina's head coach said he would be willing to speak to Saban about the issue.