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Colin Cowherd Blames Sam Darnold's Struggles On Coaching, Offensive Line

Colin Cowherd trashes Notre Dame.

USC's star quarterback hasn't looked great tonight, but it's not his fault, according to Cowherd.

Sam Darnold has been on the receiving end of a lot of criticism on social media during the Cotton Bowl tonight.

USC has put up just 7 points against Ohio State and Darnold has turned the ball over twice, including a pick-six. He's 15 of 29 on the game for 207 yards.

Much of the college football and NFL media has taken to Twitter during the game, saying this is yet another reason why Darnold should return to school in 2018.

Colin Cowherd, however, thinks it's time for Darnold to leave. He blames his poor play on coaching and offensive line struggles.

At least some of what Cowherd is saying is valid, but it's also understandable to watch Darnold make some mistakes (like his pick-six early in the game against Ohio State) and be frustrated.

His NFL Draft decision will be a fascinating one.