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Colin Cowherd Gets Called Out For His Vince Young Comment

FS1's Colin Cowherd.

Colin Cowherd speaks on the air on FS1.

On Tuesday afternoon, FOX Sports host Colin Cowherd analyzed arguably the top quarterback prospect in the 2020 draft: Joe Burrow. Cowherd made it clear he's not as high on Burrow as others.

During his analysis, Cowherd made a ridiculous error, which is all anyone wanted to talk about. He mentioned the fact that he didn't like former Texas star Vince Young's throwing motion because it reminded him of Tim Tebow.

"He now has small hands and we know he's got an average arm, not great," Cowherd said about Burrow. "He has Zac Taylor, who we don't know if he can coach, as his council."

"I remember a couple of years ago when Vince Young came out and I was never big fan of his throwing motion - he reminded me of Tebow. With that throwing motion, you'll never be a great pocket passer."

There's only one problem with Cowherd's statement.

The Tennessee Titans drafted Young in the 2006 NFL draft, before Tebow ever stepped onto the college football field.

Cowherd isn't the best NFL analyst and he's certainly had his fair share of mistakes. However, when filling three hours of radio/TV by himself, these mistakes are bound to happen.

Texas and Florida fans won't be happy, though.