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Colin Cowherd Getting Crushed For Lamar Jackson Comparison

Colin Cowherd talks about Alabama players draft stock.

No player stirred up more debates in the NFL Draft process than former Louisville quarterback Lamar Jackson, who ended up getting taken at the end of the first round by the Baltimore Ravens. Some questioned if Jackson is best-suited to play QB at the next level, others were adamant that he was deserving of a chance.

Jackson is, deservedly, getting his chance. The Ravens traded up to get him. Joe Flacco's contract situation has some wondering if the Heisman Trophy winner will replace him under center sooner rather than later.

Some are still skeptical, though.

It appears you can put Colin Cowherd in this category.

The Fox Sports 1 host had a segment today in which he compared Jackson to former NFL quarterback Tim Tebow, who had a brief professional career before moving on to media/minor league baseball.

People are not happy with this comparison.

Jackson and Tebow both won the Heisman Trophy. Both can run the ball. The comparisons should pretty much stop there.