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Colin Cowherd Thinks Michigan Is "The Only Team" That Matches Up With Alabama

Colin Cowherd speaking on his radio show.


FOX Sports radio host Colin Cowherd thinks the only team that can match up with Alabama likely won't be part of the College Football Playoff.

Colin Cowherd has a lot of hot takes, and Friday, he dropped another. Cowherd, who earlier in the week said that Clemson is a "fraud", told his listeners the team he believes is the only one capable of matching up with defending national champion Alabama. It isn't Ohio State.

Cowherd believes that Michigan, citing size and experience, is the team that matches up with Alabama best. He doesn't appear to be high on the odds of Ohio State, Washington or Clemson beating the Crimson Tide.

We may never know if Cowherd is right, considering the fact that Michigan is currently on the outside looking in regarding the College Football Playoff rankings. At the moment, it would take real mayhem for the Wolverines to land in the field.