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Colin Cowherd Makes Score Predictions For Texas A&M vs. Auburn, Georgia vs. Notre Dame, Washington vs. BYU

FS1's Colin Cowherd.

Colin Cowherd speaks on the air on FS1.

Each week, FOX Sports radio host Colin Cowherd makes score predictions for three of the biggest college football games. This week, he chose Texas A&M vs. Auburn, Georgia vs. Notre Dame and Washington vs. BYU.

Here's what Cowherd had to say about each matchup:

On Texas A&M vs. Auburn: "I'm going to roll with the Aggies and take them. Auburn has not played well. Even the Oregon game they won, they were outplayed for most of it. They're not good against SEC teams.

...Texas A&M meanwhile, if you take out their games against Clemson and Alabama they're 11-2 in their last 13. They're struggling against the teams that beat everybody.

...I'm going to take Texas A&M to win this game 36-27."

On Washington vs. BYU: "Play of the weekend. Washington -6.5, so they have to win by a touchdown. I'll take the Huskies. They've led the Pac-12 in scoring defense and they've led the Pac-12 in total defense the last several years - in fact, four. What does that tell you? They are brilliantly coached.

...BYU has played back-to-back highly emotional overtime games. I think they come back down to earth.

...Washington is healthier. They cover the spread. Huskies win 30-20."

On Georgia vs. Notre Dame: "Initially I thought I kind of like Notre Dame getting a couple of touchdowns. Once you go deep-diving on this game, it becomes very clear - this is going to be problematic for Notre Dame. I'm going to take Georgia at home -14.5 points. Notre Dame has lost 10 straight games to top-five teams.

...Georgia is a monster at home. 15 straight home wins.

...Notre Dame's run defense is their weakness. Georgia's run offense is their strength. I'm going to take Georgia, it is a big number, 14.5. But I'm going to take them by 16 - 36-20."

Here's video of Cowherd making his picks:

Cowherd went 1-2 last week, as he incorrectly predicted Michigan State would beat Arizona State and Iowa State would beat Iowa. He got Florida's win over Kentucky right.

We'll see if Cowherd can improve this weekend.