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Colin Cowherd: Era Of SEC Dominating College Football Is 'Over'

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Colin Cowherd/FS1.

Colin Cowherd took a moment to shred SEC football on his show yesterday.

Yesterday on The Herd, Colin Cowherd went scorched-earth on the SEC, and it was something to behold.

Cowherd simply doesn't believe the SEC is the pinnacle of college football anymore, and he trashed the conference for almost four minutes in his rant of the day, focusing on his belief that the SEC employs sub-par coaches.

“Nothing lasts forever in sports. We know this,” Cowherd said on The Herd Monday. “That’s not only true with teams, but it’s also true with cultures in sports.”

Here are the good tidbits (emphasis mine):

“It’s over, and the South doesn’t want to admit it’s over."

“It’s not about the media, SEC fan. Vegas no longer sees you as the best conference and there’s one reason why this is true. You still have players everywhere, but you are the worst-coached major conference. You have 10 coordinators masquerading as head coaches."

“Vegas is telling you– the reign of dominance in the SEC is over. And it’s over for one reason. They, being too insular, are simply hiring retreads. Ed Orgeron, Will Muschamp. You’re hiring coordinators and trying to make them head coaches and they’re not ready, or you’re taking fired head coaches and giving them a second or a third chance. Vegas is speaking. The SEC is officially not the best conference anymore."

“The SEC will probably win one or two [out-of-conference games], but the reign is over until the SEC decides to go back and hire world-class football coaches. They had them and let them go. Urban Meyer, James Franklin. Let them go. Les Miles, Mark Richt. See what Mark is doing in Miami with recruiting? Until they decide to give the big boy jobs to the big boys instead of coordinators and posers, this is what happens.

You can watch the entire thing below:

For what it's worth, this isn't the first time Cowherd has railedagainstthe SEC, so at least he's consistent with his takes.

So what do you think, is Cowherd right or is he way off base here?