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College Football Analyst Names Biggest 'Cult' Fan Base

A general photo of a penalty flag.

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Which college football fan base is most similar to a "cult"?

According to one college football analyst, the answer is pretty easy to come up with.

Brandon Walker believes that the Clemson Tigers have the biggest "cult" fan base in college football right now.

"Clemson’s fanbase is unbelievable. It’s the biggest cult in college football," he tweeted.

"Is A&M a cult? Yes but they’re like North Korea. They’ll get dressed up and March around but they’re not a danger to anybody. Clemson fans would drink any kool aid Dabo tells them to."

Fair or unfair?

Walker did end with this: "By the way, all college football fanbases are cults. Some just more extreme than others."

That's definitely fair.