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College Football Game Was Postponed Due To A Mistake

Generic photo of footballs in an end zone.

(Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images)

College football teams are exercising an abundance of caution to ensure that play continues during the ongoing pandemic. Unfortunately, that also opens the door for entire games being canceled for what are ultimately mistakes in testing.

And that's exactly what happened in the recently canceled game between the Charlotte 49ers and Georgia State Panthers. The matchup between Group of Five schools was canceled on Friday following positive COVID-19 tests.

But in an official statement from GSU, it was revealed that the cancelation was ultimately unnecessary. The school revealed that there were actually no positive tests from their team.

In truth, the Friday cancelation was due to a delay in the testing results. The previous two rounds of testing from earlier in the week came up negative.

"The positive COVID tests that caused Georgia State to postpone Saturday's game at Charlotte turned out to be the result of errors in reading the test results."

It's disappointing to see a game canceled for any reason, let alone an unnecessary one.

But in a year where exercising as much caution is vital to stemming the spread of COVID-19, it's hard to begrudge Georgia State for reacting how they did.

Plenty of places across the country have suffered the consequences of not being careful with proper monitoring.

Will we see any more games canceled because of false positives this season?