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Here's How Much All 4 CFP Coaches Can Make With A Win Today

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How much money can the four College Football Playoff coaches make with a win today?

Making it to the College Football Playoff is hard. Only four teams can make the playoff in a given year, out of more than 120 schools. So, what do you get for making it this far?

Well, if you're one of the coaches of the four playoff teams--Alabama, Clemson, Ohio State, Wisconsin--you're in for a great payday. Each college coach has bonuses written into his contract, and well, making the CFP pays pretty well.

These bonuses are telling of the college football landscape. Urban Meyer and Nick Saban are expected to make it this far, thus the smaller bonus. Both Dabo Swinney and, especially, Chris Petersen are up for huge bonuses due to their somewhat surprising seasons.

All four coaches are paid extremely well, so a bonus is only the icing on the cake. Well, that, and a win, of course.