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Here's The Nightmare Scenario For This Year's College Football Playoff

The third installment of the College Football Playoff could be fantastic - or, it could not.

We're only two years into the College Football Playoff format, but so far, it's been a success. In year one, Ohio State, Alabama, Florida State and Oregon - four programs with huge followings - did battle. In year two, it was Alabama, Clemson, Michigan State and Oklahoma.

At the moment, there are four teams which look to have the inside track on this year's playoff - Alabama, Michigan, Clemson and Washington. It's safe to assume that if those four teams win out, they'll all be part of the competition. Of course, there is almost no chance that happens.

Let's take a look at this year's nightmare playoff scenario - at least when it comes to money and intrigue. Remember, power programs and good competition are the combination the playoff committee members (and televisions networks) desire.