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College Football Referee Was Suspended For Blown Call

A referee signaling a touchdown during a Florida Gators game.

(Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images)

A college football referee was reportedly suspended this week for a blown call in a game.

According to ESPN, an ACC college football referee was suspended for blowing a call in the Notre Dame vs. Cal game last week.

The referee made a key mistake, claiming Cal was offside on a Notre Dame missed field goal attempt. There should have been no penalty, but one was called.

According to ESPN, the ref is now suspended.

"According to sources, ACC has suspended side judge from last Saturday Cal at Notre Dame who called Cal for being offside on this play. ACC apologized to Cal for error and admitted was bad call. As of now, they don’t plan on making public acknowledgment of error and punishment," Roxy Bernstein reports.

The blown call played a big role in Notre Dame's first win of the season last weekend.

Now, the referee has been punished.