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College Football World Furious With Coaches' Poll Ranking

Week 2 Coaches' Poll.

Coaches' Poll.

The Week 4 Coaches' Poll top 25 was released earlier on Sunday afternoon. 

As always, fans have some complaints with the latest college football top 25 poll. 

In particular, fans are upset that Michigan State is still ranked ahead of Washington.

Fans aren't happy, and they have a right to be upset.

"Not even ahead of the team they stomped, ridiculous," one fan wrote.

"They def weren't watching. They usually aren't the ones even filing this out," one fan added.

"Early in the season, there SHOULD be massive changes to the top-25 week over week. These polls are just a popularity contest prior to week 8, anyway," another fan added.

In the end, the Coaches' Poll and AP Poll don't impact the College Football Playoff, but it's still frustrating.