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College Football World Reacts To Peyton Manning's Recruiting Admission

A closeup of Peyton Manning.

INDIANAPOLIS, IN - OCTOBER 08: Peyton Manning watches a video presentation during a ceremony to retire his number during the halftime of the game between the Indianapolis Colts and the San Francisco 49ers at Lucas Oil Stadium on October 8, 2017 in Indianapolis, Indiana. (Photo by Bobby Ellis/Getty Images)

Like his nephew, Arch Manning, Peyton Manning was a big-time recruit coming out of high school.

Peyton Manning, one of the top players in high school football in the 1990s, committed to the University of Tennessee over several other major programs.

Following Arch Manning's commitment to Texas, Peyton Manning revealed what made him commit to the Vols.

“I shared with Arch last week that I took a visit to Tennessee, then I had one more visit left to go to Florida,” Manning said. “I really liked Tennessee, but I really liked Florida too. So I kind of went into that Florida visit, it was kind of between those two it felt like. Got back from Florida and I just said, ‘I think Tennessee is the place for me.’”

It worked for Peyton, as he starred at Tennessee before going No. 1 overall to the Colts in the NFL Draft.

Manning added that he probably should've made his announcement elsewhere.

“Tuesday morning at Tabby’s sports bar I announced I was going to Tennessee,” Manning continued. “I don’t know that it was the right thing for a 17-, 18-year-old to do but the Hilton manager was a good friend of my dad’s, Paul Buckley. So that’s how that went down. But yeah, I went through the process. I like these kids that visit different places and go see, get to meet people, you never know who you might end up working with down the road. But I remember what a good feeling was once I finally made that decision, and I’m sure Arch has that same feeling.”

Not everyone believes him, though.

"Naw. Florida just had their quarterback and Manning didn’t want to sit a year," one fan speculated.

"Worked out for both. Peyton had a great career, Florida went 4-0 against him, won three SEC titles, and a national championship," one fan added.

Hopefully Arch Manning's decision works out as well as Peyton's did.