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College Football World Reacts To The Playoff Rankings

Final College Football Playoff top four.


The final College Football Playoff rankings are out.

In the first semifinal, No. 1 Georgia will take on No. 4 Ohio State, while No. 2 Michigan will take on No. 3 TCU in the other semifinal. 

There is no real surprise here, outside of TCU staying at No. 3, with Ohio State jumping to No. 4.

Alabama is the first team out, with Tennessee getting ranked No. 6.

The college football world has taken to social media to react to the rankings.

"These are the most deserving four. That Georgia-Ohio State game is gonna be great. And either one against Michigan will be a hell of a title game," one fan wrote.

"Justice to the Hypnotoads. They're No. 3 and will face No. 2 Michigan in the Fiesta Bowl," one fan added.

"Alabama can still make the CFP if Mike Pence will do the right thing," another fan joked.

"The biggest debate this year will be remembered as Alabama at No. 5 and Tennessee at No. 6," another fan wrote.

"Feels like 2014 all over again," an Ohio State writer tweeted.

"I think TCU at 3 is fine. I also think college football, despite being worth billions, should be fun. It’s a game and, assuming OSU/TCU were close, it wouldn’t have killed the committee to give us The Game 2.0," one fan added.

The official College Football Playoff top 25 rankings will be out later on Sunday.