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College GameDay’s Staff, Verne Lundquist Make Picks For Saturday’s Biggest Games

The College GameDay crew in Columbus Ohio.

ESPN College GameDay

College GameDay's staff, including Desmond Howard, Lee Corso and Kirk Herbstreit, made their picks with Verne Lundquist ahead of Saturday's biggest games.

ESPN's College GameDay finally got a good celebrity guest picker on Saturday morning - landing CBS Sports college football announcer Verne Lundquist. It made for an awesome scene down in Tuscaloosa.

Lundquist and the rest of the crew picked 10 of the day's biggest games - Iowa vs. Wisconsin, Ohio State vs. Penn State, Washington State vs. Arizona State, Utah vs. UCLA, Texas vs. Kansas State, TCU vs. West Virginia, NC State vs. Louisville, Arkansas vs. Auburn, Ole Miss vs. LSU and of course, Alabama vs. Texas A&M.

Let's take a look at what each of them picked. Keep in mind that Herbstreit didn't pick Ohio State vs. Penn State because he's calling the contest. Similarly, Lunquist didn't pick any SEC games given his affiliation.

College GameDay's Staff Makes Its Picks For Saturday's 10 Biggest Games