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College GameDay Staff Makes Week 5 Picks For 2019 Season

Former Big Ten football star Desmond Howard on the College GameDay set.

BRISTOL, TN - SEPTEMBER 10: ESPN's Desmond Howard and Rece Davis on set during College Gameday prior to the game between the Virginia Tech Hokies and the Tennessee Volunteers at Bristol Motor Speedway on September 10, 2016 in Bristol, Tennessee. (Photo by Michael Shroyer/Getty Images)

ESPN's College GameDay is in Lincoln Nebraska this Saturday and to put it mildly, Nebraska fans brought it. One staffer - Gene Wojciechowski - said that he thinks it was the loudest fan base he's ever heard on the show.

This week's celebrity guest picker was Nebraska superfan Gabrielle Union. The Cornhuskers die-hard showed up on set wearing a Christian Gaylord jersey to honor the senior's late father, who passed away in a car accident last week. Union brought along her husband Dwyane Wade, to help her make her picks.

Per usual, Kirk Herbstreit, Lee Corso and Desmond Howard made their picks for the biggest games of the week. As you'd imagine, Union went with Nebraska to score the upset.

Corso, however, was a bit more logical, picking Ohio State to win. The Buckeyes are heavy favorites, after all.

Here's a look at who each analyst picked for each game:

Akron vs. UMass

Desmond Howard: UMass

Gabrielle Union / Dwyane Wade: Akron

Lee Corso: Akron

Kirk Herbstreit: Akron

Wake Forest vs. Boston College

Desmond Howard: Wake Forest

Gabrielle Union / Dwyane Wade: Wake Forest

Lee Corso: Boston College

Kirk Herbstreit: Wake Forest

NC State vs. Florida State

Desmond Howard: Florida State

Gabrielle Union / Dwyane Wade: Florida State

Lee Corso: Florida State

Kirk Herbstreit: Florida State

Minnesota vs. Purdue

Desmond Howard: Purdue

Gabrielle Union / Dwyane Wade: Purdue

Lee Corso: Purdue

Kirk Herbstreit: Purdue

Northwestern vs. Wisconsin

Desmond Howard: Wisconsin

Gabrielle Union / Dwyane Wade: Wisconsin

Lee Corso: Wisconsin

Kirk Herbstreit: Wisconsin

Kansas State vs. Oklahoma State

Desmond Howard: Oklahoma State

Gabrielle Union / Dwyane Wade: Kansas State

Lee Corso: Oklahoma State

Kirk Herbstreit: Oklahoma State

Iowa State vs. Baylor

Desmond Howard: Iowa State

Gabrielle Union / Dwyane Wade: Iowa State

Lee Corso: Baylor

Kirk Herbstreit: Iowa State

Mississippi State vs. Auburn

Desmond Howard: Auburn

Gabrielle Union / Dwyane Wade: Auburn

Lee Corso: Auburn

Kirk Herbstreit: Auburn

Washington State vs. Utah

Desmond Howard: Washington State

Gabrielle Union / Dwyane Wade: Utah

Lee Corso: Utah

Kirk Herbstreit: Utah

USC vs. Washington

Desmond Howard: Washington

Gabrielle Union / Dwyane Wade: Washington

Lee Corso: Washington

Kirk Herbstreit: Washington

Virginia vs. Notre Dame

Desmond Howard: Notre Dame

Gabrielle Union / Dwyane Wade: Virginia

Lee Corso: Notre Dame

Kirk Herbstreit: Notre Dame

Texas Tech vs. Oklahoma

Desmond Howard: Oklahoma

Gabrielle Union / Dwyane Wade: Oklahoma

Lee Corso: Oklahoma

Kirk Herbstreit: Oklahoma

Ohio State vs. Nebraska

Desmond Howard: Ohio State

Gabrielle Union / Dwyane Wade: Nebraska

Lee Corso: Ohio State

Kirk Herbstreit: No pick, calling game

The Ohio State vs. Nebraska game kicks off at 7:30 PM ET.