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College GameDay Staff Makes Week 8 Picks For 2019 Season

Lee Corso and Kirk Herbstreit of College GameDay have a discussion.

BRISTOL, TN - SEPTEMBER 10: ESPN's Lee Corso and Kirk Herbstreit on set during College Gameday prior to the game between the Virginia Tech Hokies and the Tennessee Volunteers at Bristol Motor Speedway on September 10, 2016 in Bristol, Tennessee. (Photo by Michael Shroyer/Getty Images)

College GameDay was in Happy Valley on Saturday morning ahead of the big Penn State vs. Michigan game. The Nittany Lions are hosting a white-out for the Big Ten affair.

Per usual, the GameDay staff made its picks for the biggest games of the week. The celebrity guest picker, Lara Spencer, also got in on the action.

Spencer, a Penn State die-hard, attended the school and was actually on the diving team. She's one of the anchors on Good Morning America on ABC.

Spencer, unsurprisingly, picked Penn State to take down the Wolverines. Lee Corso also picked the Nittany Lions by donning the mascot head live on-set.

Here's what the staff picked for all the major games this week.

Florida vs. South Carolina

Desmond Howard: Florida

Lara Spencer: Florida

Lee Corso: Florida

Kirk Herbstreit: Florida

Boise State vs. BYU

Desmond Howard: Boise State

Lara Spencer: Boise State

Lee Corso: Boise State

Kirk Herbstreit: Boise State

Tulane vs. Memphis

Desmond Howard: Tulane

Lara Spencer: Memphis

Lee Corso: Memphis

Kirk Herbstreit: Tulane

Temple vs. SMU

Desmond Howard: SMU

Lara Spencer: SMU

Lee Corso: SMU

Kirk Herbstreit: Temple

Iowa State vs. Texas Tech

Desmond Howard: Texas Tech

Lara Spencer: Iowa State

Lee Corso: Iowa State

Kirk Herbstreit: Iowa State

Baylor vs. Oklahoma State

Desmond Howard: Oklahoma State

Lara Spencer: Oklahoma State

Lee Corso: Baylor

Kirk Herbstreit: Okahoma State

North Carolina vs. Virginia Tech

Desmond Howard: Virginia Tech

Lara Spencer: North Carolina

Lee Corso: North Carolina

Kirk Herbstreit: North Carolina

Duke vs. Virginia

Desmond Howard: Virginia

Lara Spencer: Virginia

Lee Corso: Virginia

Kirk Herbstreit: Virginia

Florida State vs. Wake Forest

Desmond Howard: Wake Forest

Lara Spencer: Wake Forest

Lee Corso: Florida State

Kirk Herbstreit: Florida State

Arizona vs. USC

Desmond Howard: USC

Lara Spencer: Arizona

Lee Corso: USC

Kirk Herbstreit: USC

Arizona State vs. Utah

Desmond Howard: Arizona State

Lara Spencer: Utah

Lee Corso: Utah

Kirk Herbstreit: Utah

Oregon vs. Washington

Desmond Howard: Oregon

Lara Spencer: Oregon

Lee Corso: Oregon

Kirk Herbstreit: Oregon

Michigan vs. Penn State

Desmond Howard: Michigan

Lara Spencer: Penn State

Lee Corso: Penn State

Kirk Herbstreit: No pick, calling game

Penn State vs. Michigan will kick off at 7:30 PM on ABC.