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College Student Makes Half-Court Shot For $10,000; Won't See The Cash

Update: Jack Lavery will be getting paid after all - but not by the group that ran the contest. Pizza Hut is giving Lavery a check for $10,000 and free pizza for a year.

">@pizzahut You guys rock

— Lavs (@JackLavs22)

I feel incredibly blessed and honored to be awarded the generous gift of $10k and free pizza for a year! Thank you @pizzahut You guys rock

— Lavs (@JackLavs22) February 18, 2014

">February 18, 2014

What an awesome ending to an incredible story.

Earlier: A freshman at West Chester University got a chance to win $10,000 at halftime of a WCU game. The rules were simple; hit a lay-up, a free throw, a three-pointer and a half-court shot before the clock runs out and the money is all yours. Eighteen-year-old Jack Lavery did just that—almost.

The contest rules' fine print states that a participant can only take one attempt at the half-court shot, which Lavery missed. However, there was still time on the clock, so he took another desperate attempt, which banked in before the buzzer sounded. 

"I stopped and did that one handed shot and it happened to go in. I ran to the other side of the court just high fiving everyone and then I went and bear hugged my dad," Lavery told ABC's Kenneth Moton. After knocking down the second half-court attempt, the contest organizers reminded him of the rules. "I was kind of let down a little bit like, 'Wow you're trying to pull that on me right now.' I wasn't even aware of that," he said.