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College President Apologizes For What He Was Caught Doing Before Game

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Tailgating before a college football or NFL game usually includes grilling, games, and of course a few beverages of the alcoholic variety. Generally, the tailgates are made up of fans and alumni from the university looking to celebrate before the game.

Over the weekend a school president found himself apologizing for his actions at a tailgate. According to the AP, Southeast Missouri State University president Carlos Vargas-Aburto sent out an email apologizing for what he did before the game.

So what did he do? Well, video appears to show Vargas-Aburto drinking from a beer bong.

Here's the video.

Chugging from a funnel is commonplace on college campuses, it just doesn't usually involve the president of said colleges.

Vargas-Aburto apologized for his actions said it was a "poor decision" that he's "not proud of."

It doesn't look like the president will face punishment after the Board of Regents "said in a statement that what happened was a 'lapse in judgment' but that it doesn’t define Vargas-Aburto," according to the report.