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College Sports World Reacts To Sarah Fuller's Message

Sarah Fuller at Vanderbilt.

Sarah Fuller.

Earlier this week, former college athlete Sarah Fuller had a message for the college sports world.

She wants the sporting world to do a better job of aiding a student athlete's mental health and well-being - not just the physical well-being. In a message on Twitter, she called for certain stigmas to be removed from college athletics and sports in general.

"Something has to be done to better understand and aid in student athlete’s mental well-being," she said. "What’s being done now is not enough and the continual pressure to be 'mentally tough' year after year is exhausting. It hurts to see all we have lost to this expectation."

It didn't take long for the sports world to start reacting to her comments. Everyone seems to be on board.

"Mental Health Matters," said college softball player Noelle Magann. "Check on your friends, check on your family, check on yourself, everyone needs love. Being “mentally tough” means knowing when you need help, and knowing everyone struggles, and that everyone needs and deserves love."

"Just a reminder that fans impact mental health too. it’s not that hard to stay respectful & supportive of everyone," another fan said. "Just bc u hate a school does not give u the right to say disgusting things about the hardworking athletes at those schools just working towards successful futures."

Mental health is finally getting the attention it deserves in athletics, but there is still more work to do.