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Colorado Head Coach Mike MacIntyre Hung Up On Clay Travis After Job Speculation Question

Colorado head coach Mike MacIntyre hung up on FOX Sports' Clay Travis this morning.

Colorado head coach Mike MacIntyre does not want to be asked about any job offers he's gotten since leading the Buffaloes to a 10-3 record - that's pretty obvious now. FOX Sports radio host Clay Travis, who also runs Outkick The Coverage, asked MacIntyre if he's gotten contacted about any job offers since turning around Colorado's program. MacIntyre hung up on Travis instead of answering.

You can listen to the whole interview here, via iHeartRadio. MacIntyre joins Travis just before the 100-minute mark.

Here's a transcript of the back-and-forth. MacIntyre seems to be in good spirits before the question.

Travis: So you just went through the crazy season. There are no college football jobs open right now. That's probably going to change at any moment since there's no telling what happens from one day to the next. But, what's it like to suddenly find your name associated with a ton of college football openings? Is your phone blowing up? Recruits? Parents? Everybody else? What's that experience like to suddenly have a ton of people who want you to be their next head coach? Any by the way, I bet that wasn't happening your first three years when you were 2-25 or whatever the heck it was in the Pac-12. This year, you guys were fantastic. What's that experience like for a coach?

MacIntyre: Well I grew up as a coach's son and when my dad turned around Vanderbilt and turned around UT-Martin when we were first there and everybody said he couldn't do it and they wanted to fire him. And then when he started winning everybody said he was going to be leaving. So I grew up as a kid living it every day at school and all that. So as a coach, you're either going to be fired or you're leaving. It's all media, it's all driven, everybody has to have a story. Especially in today's Twitter and blogging, if it's put out on Twitter it's real, right? So it's a thing that you just go through and keep working and keep going. You do get calls from recruits' parents and parents of your team and I just always tell them the same thing. That's just the way it is. It will always be that way.

Travis: We're talking to Mike MacIntyre, incredible season coaching Colorado. Did you get contacted or did your agent get contacted about any jobs this offseason?

MacIntyre: I have no comment on any of that.

Travis: So that means yes?

MacIntyre: No, I have no comment. I really didn't want to get into all this. So, I appreciate it. Thanks a lot man. Talk to you later. Buh-bye.

MacIntyre has been mentioned as a possible candidate for the now-vacant Los Angeles Rams head coaching job. It doesn't look like he's willing to touch the topic, however.