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Comcast To Drop Big Ten Network Everywhere By May

Two analysts talk on one of the Big Ten network's shows.


Comcast is making a major change to its sports package, and fans in Big Ten country won't be happy. The company appears to be ridding itself of the Big Ten Network. The channel has already been removed from most of the United States, and will reportedly be complete by May.

According to message boards, Comcast made the move to get rid of the Big Ten Network as early as January in some parts of the country - Florida appears to be one of the first states to lose the network. So when will the states that comprise Big Ten country lose the network if they have Comcast?

It appears the move will be complete by May 10, although it's not known if everyone with Comcast will lose BTN on that day.

There are plenty of streaming services out there, so watching Big Ten games shouldn't be too much of a challenge. However, it's extremely inconvenient for Comcast to just drop BTN without alerting its customers first.

Comcast buried the lede, announcing its changes in a very nondescript way. The company announced the change in its bill to customers - you can see that here.

It's interesting Comcast kept the move so hush hush.