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Comparing Gonzaga, UNC To College Football Programs

Here's what college football programs most-resemble the NCAA Tournament finalists.

Tonight's national championship game features two of the best programs in college basketball. North Carolina is one of the sport's "blue bloods" and Gonzaga has been an elite, top 10 program for the better part of this century.

Which college football programs do these two teams most-resemble?

Here are our best comparisons:

Gonzaga = Boise State

This is kind of an easy one. Gonzaga has been by far the country's best "mid-major" program and Boise State has consistently been college football's best non-Power 5 team.

However, while the Bulldogs annually have a chance to compete for a national title, the Broncos probably won't. The College Football Playoff being only four teams big has pretty much eliminated any non-Power 5 teams from realistically earning a berth. Maybe that will change if the playoff increases to six or eight teams.

North Carolina = Ohio State

UNC is one of the three to four "biggest" programs in college basketball, from fan support to money to recruiting ability to notoriety. The same can be said of Ohio State's football program.

Both programs are led by elite head coaches that previously spent time at another elite program (Roy Williams at Kansas, Urban Meyer at Florida).

Both programs have won two national championships this century.

Both programs are part of the biggest rivalry game in their sport.

And both programs have awesome uniforms.

Who would you compare the two college basketball programs to?