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Cris Carter Says He's Talked To Urban Meyer About Players Skipping Bowl Games

Cris Carter and Colin Cowherd speak on the radio.


Cris Carter doesn't believe players will leave Ohio State before a bowl game to get ready for the NFL.

Cris Carter was a guest on The HerdWith Colin Cowherd and spoke about players leaving before their team's bowl game to get ready for the NFL. Carter noted that he did not want to talk for Urban Meyer, but mentioned the two had talked about the subject.

So what does Meyer think about players leaving early? According to Carter, players won't be leaving before Ohio State's bowl games, this year and into the future.

Carter's statement:

You won't be seeing guys pull out of the bowl game. Now you'll see plenty of guys get pro-ready, but they'll do it with the bowl game and then they'll go somewhere.

Carter went on to say that Meyer doesn't like the rule and doesn't agree with players leaving early to get ready for the NFL.