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Dan Le Batard Called Kansas The Most "Incompetent" Thing He's Seen In Sports

The ESPN host called the Jayhawks the most-incompetent thing he's seen in sports.

Dan Le Batard, 48, has been following sports for probably his entire life.

Earlier this week, the ESPN host called Kansas football the most "incompetent" thing he's maybe ever seen.

Le Batard went off on the Jayhawks following their 43-0 loss at TCU on Saturday night.

Kansas is even worse than, gulp, the Browns.

“Even if you’re tempted to say the Browns (are worse), the Browns played yesterday and were in the game throughout the game. And it wasn’t fun and exciting,” Le Batard said. “In fact, what is the worst thing in sports if not Kansas football?

He continued.

“What I was watching, that I saw happen this weekend, is Kansas football playing against TCU, in the fourth quarter they just went to a running clock because TCU at one point had 450 yards in offense and Kansas had minus-12. It’s sort of like, you’re a high school team and you’re playing college football.”

Kansas is 1-6 this season and went 2-10 a year ago.

The Jayhawks are set to host Kansas State on Saturday.