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Danny Kanell Furious With College Football Officiating

Former Florida State football quarterback Danny Kanell, a consistent troll of Miami football, speaks on FS1.

Danny Kanell on air for FS1.

The football we knew 10 to 20 years ago and the football we know now is not the same. And Danny Kanell is pretty worried about the future of the sport. 

Iowa State was called for a 15-yard penalty because a defender hit a Baylor receiver. That's it. That's what the penalty was for. 

Kanell thinks the sport as a whole is in serious jeopardy of becoming 7-on-7. 

"We need to take our sport back. Those who don’t like it can go play 7 on 7. This was 15 yd penalty," said Kanell, via Twitter.

He's not wrong. Refs flagging players for being too physical is absurd. Hopefully the sport toughens up a bit. 

With that being said, there still needs to be immense effort to protect players. We have seen what the brutality of football can do to people. Improving player safety has to be a priority. 

However, there's a clear line that's been crossed in protecting players. Refs need to take a serious look at what warrants a penalty.