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Danny Kanell Got Crushed For What He Tweeted About The Hurricane

This weekend's college football schedule has changed significantly in the face of Hurricane Florence. The hurricane is set to make landfall this week and several college football games have either been canceled or moved ahead of the storm.

College football analyst Danny Kanell doesn't necessarily agree with moving or canceling games in advance. Why?

Well, the South Florida native suggests weather can change, thus the decision to cancel or move games in advance is foolish. Or at least that's what Kanell seems to be suggesting here.

Kanell thinks teams should have waited a few more days before rushing to a decision.

Kanell was crushed for the tweet on Twitter, but does he have a point? The analyst claims his status as a Floridian gives credence to take on the weather.

In Kanell's defense, hurricanes can shift - at least regarding to the projected path - but that doesn't mean university's in the path should throw caution to the wind.

As it stands now, several teams including No. 12 Virginia Tech won't play this weekend.