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Danny Kanell 'Hates' Growing Trend In College Football

Former Florida State football quarterback Danny Kanell, a consistent troll of Miami football, speaks on FS1.

Danny Kanell on air for FS1.

One of the biggest bowl games of the college football season is about to kick off on ESPN, as No. 6 Florida is taking on No. 7 Oklahoma in the Cotton Bowl Classic.

However, the game doesn't feel as big as it should. Some of that can be attributed to the College Football Playoff taking the shine off of other bowl games. And some of it can also be attributed to several key players opting out of the contest.

Florida is missing several key players, especially on the defensive side of the ball, against Oklahoma on Friday night. The Gators are far from the only program to have key players opt out of a bowl game this season. It's become a growing trend in the college football world.

Danny Kanell is not a fan of it.

The former Florida State quarterback voiced his opinion on Twitter before kickoff at the Cotton Bowl.

"I’m sorry but I hate the opting out of bowls trend. If you start something finish it," he tweeted.

Players opting out of bowl games is undeniably bad for college football. However, can you really blame the players for doing so?

The players opting out typically have millions of dollars on the line with the NFL waiting. We've seen several notable prospects get injured in bowl games and slide in the NFL Draft as a result.

Until something changes with college football players and compensation, or the College Football Playoff increases in size, this trend is only going to grow.