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Danny Kanell: Just Put Lamar Jackson's Name On The Heisman Already

Danny Kanell took to Twitter to give his thoughts on who should win the Heisman Trophy this year. He was pretty blunt.

Louisville survived and got the win against Virginia today, 32-25, with the game-winning touchdown pass coming courtesy of Lamar Jackson's rocket arm. The entire drive itself was a piece of art, with Jackson making several pinpoint passes through traffic.

Apparently, the come-from-behind win orchestrated by Jackson was enough for Kanell to call the Heisman Trophy race in Jackson's favor.

Check out his tweet:

Sure, Virginia was a 20-point underdog, and sure, the game should have never been that close, but Kanell is probably in the right here. What's the old saying? "Good teams find a way to win." Forgetting about whatever College Playoff implications this not-so-pretty win has with the committee, Jackson propelled the Cardinals to the win today by sheer force of will. He is the team, and he's the reason they found a way to win at all. Jackson amassed an absurd 451 total yards, and was the leading passer and rusher. Unreal.

So I agree with you, Kanell, go ahead and put "Lamar Jackson" on the Heisman Trophy.