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Danny Kanell Rips Playoff After Ohio State Win

Danny Kanell isn't happy with the playoff.

The College Football Playoff has given college football fans everywhere entertaining matchups, but has also brought with it an overwhelming controversy.

That controversy continued this year as Alabama edged out Big Ten champ Ohio State for the final spot in the playoff. It's the second straight year the Big Ten champ was left out of the playoff, after Ohio State and Washington edged out Penn State last season.

Well, Danny Kanell has had enough.

The Big Ten is undefeated in bowl games as a conference, while the SEC is still searching for its first win. Ohio State dominated an overwhelmed USC program, sacking potential No. 1 pick Sam Darnold eight times, causing three turnovers.

Should Ohio State have made the playoff over Alabama? We'll get the other half of that answer when the Tide take on Clemson on New Year's Day.