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Danny Kanell Trashes Latest College Football Playoff Rankings

Former Florida State football quarterback Danny Kanell, a consistent troll of Miami football, speaks on FS1.

Danny Kanell on air for FS1.

Danny Kanell is disgusted by the latest edition of the College Football Playoff rankings, and he's letting the committee know about it.

If you're still wondering what the playoff committee's selection criteria is, so are the rest of us. The playoff rankings still rely on selectivity, and it's starting to hurt college football's brand as a result.

College football fans' frustration with the latest rankings surrounds the Florida Gators. After losing to previously 3-5 LSU last Saturday, the Gators slid just one spot to No. 7 in the College Football Playoff rankings. It's a mind-boggling decision by the committee to say the least.

Kanell isn't surprised, though. The former Florida State quarterback and current college football analyst called the College Football Playoff a "sham" Tuesday afternoon.

"I've been trying to tell people for years but i'm just glad college football fans can truly see what a joke this sham of a playoff is - 2020 has exposed the fraud in full," Kanell tweeted Tuesday night.

He's right, too. The College Football Playoff's reliance on selectivity is hurting the postseason process. "Postseason" might not even be the right way to describe it, either.

The playoff has turned into an invitational that relies completely on subjectivity. Just look at Florida, which slid just one spot to No. 7 after losing to a bad LSU team.

It's time for college football to make a change. The playoff has to include automatic qualifiers and move on from the current process as soon as possible.