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David Pollack Has Bold Suggestion For 1 Level Of College Football

David Pollack gets surprised live on ESPN.

David Pollack on air for ESPN.

Over the past few months, sports leagues around the world have had to navigate the pandemic in order to play their respective seasons.

As the college football season draws near, schools around the country are faced with difficult decisions. That includes the FCS level, which has seen several conferences postpone their respective seasons.

After the SWAC announced the postponement of its season, ESPN's David Pollack offered an interesting suggestion. He thinks the FCS level could give fans something to watch by moving its season to the spring.

“How about the FCS be spring football from now on?” he asks. “I would love to see that more than anything. You talk about the NFL, Joey, but not as many of those guys will be worried about going to the NFL and skipping time...How about you give me spring football? Not just this next year, but from now on.”

It's an interesting suggestion from Pollack. However, there are a few players every year from the FCS level that hope to enter the NFL draft.

If the season is in the spring, that could hurt the players who want to leave for the pros. Then again, most of the FCS players aren't going to make NFL rosters.

With the XFL gone, there is a wide-open window for football to dominate in the spring once again. Should the FCS go for it?