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Deion Sanders Reveals His Main Problem With Nick Saban

Deion Sanders coaching for Jackson State.

MONTGOMERY, AL - MARCH 20: Head Coach Deion Sanders talk with his quarterback Jalon Jones #4 of the Jackson State Tigers during a time out during the game against the Alabama State Hornets at New ASU Stadium on March 20, 2021 in Montgomery, Alabama. Alabama State Hornets defeated the Jackson State Tigers 35 to 28. (Photo by Don Juan Moore/Getty Images)

Jimbo Fisher vs. Nick Saban got most of the headlines, but Deion Sanders was also unhappy with the Alabama head coach last week.

During his lengthy rant in which he accused Fisher and Texas A&M of "buying" their recruiting class with NIL perks, Saban also said that Sanders and Jackson State paid a recruit $1 million to come to JSU. 

Sanders bristled at the accusation, and it wasn't just Saban's words that got under his skin. In an interview with Andscape last Thursday, Sanders said he is not interested in any private explanations or apologies from Saban.

“I haven’t talked to Coach Saban. I’m sure he’s tried to call," Sanders said. "We need to talk publicly — not privately. What you said was public. That doesn’t require a conversation. Let’s talk publicly and let everybody hear the conversation.

“You can’t do that publicly and call privately. No, no, no. I still love him. I admire him. I respect him. He’s the magna cum laude of college football and that’s what it’s going to be because he’s earned that.

“But he took a left when he should’ve stayed right. I’m sure he’ll get back on course. I ain’t tripping.”

While Saban did not name the players he claims received seven figures from Jackson State, five-star recruit Travis Hunter famously flipped from Florida State to JSU in December.

Sanders was adamant that $1 million was not the reason for Hunter's decision.

“I don’t make a million. Travis ain’t built like that. Travis ain’t chasing a dollar. Travis is chasing greatness. Travis and his family don’t get down like that,” Sanders said. “They never came to us in search of the bag. They’re not built like that. This kid wants to be great.

“He wants my hands on him. He wants me to mold him. He wants me to be his navigational system through life. He wants to be that dude.”