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Dennis Dodd Names Dan Mullen The 'Hottest Coach In America'

Will he be leaving for a new coaching gig?

Mississippi State took down No. 12 LSU with a final score of 37-7 on Saturday despite being an underdog.

This isn't the first time Dan Mullen's Bulldogs have surprised a top-ranked SEC opponent.

The win has Mississippi State in the AP top 25 for the first time this year, but it also has the college football community wondering if Mullen needs to leave Starkville.

CBS Sports college football expert Dennis Dodd claims Mullen is the "hottest" coach in the country.

But that doesn't detract from the original point: At this moment, Mullen is the hottest coach in America.

Now, what does he do with that label? Once again, he absolutely has to get out of Starkville. Five of those wins against top-25 competition have come in the last four seasons. At a remote campus, Mullen has overachieved in a way only Bill Snyder can appreciate.

Opportunities do not abound for Mullen. There are only a few programs across the country that can afford to pay him, Notre Dame being at the top of that list.

Will Mullen stay in Starkville for the long haul? Or does he want to prove his worth somewhere else?

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