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NFL Draft Expert Names Deshaun Watson The No. 1 QB In 2017 Draft

NFL draft expert Mike Mayock released his top 5 quarterbacks in this year's draft, and Deshaun Watson sat at No. 1.

The 2017 NFL Draft is almost here, and analysts are revising their draft lists in anticipation of the big day. Today, NFL analyst Mike Mayock released his top five quarterbacks in this year's draft, and former Clemson QB Deshaun Watson rose above the rest of the field.

Check it out:

An earlier version of Mayock's top 5 had Notre Dame's DeShone Kizer at No. 1, and Watson at No. 2, but Kizer has clearly fallen out of favor.

This was Mayock's analysis of Watson back in February, and he's clearly grown even more fond of him since then, per Peter King's MMQB:

"The positives I love: 28-2 as a starter in the last two seasons, played his best when the lights were brightest, embraces the moment—and you cannot discount that. As you watch him play, what it really comes down to: He’s gonna have the same conversation in draft rooms as Jared Goff, Marcus Mariota, RG3, Johnny Manziel, all of these spread quarterbacks: Can he win from the pocket? I’ve done five games of his. When his post-snap look matches up with pre-snap, when he gets what he thinks he’s gonna get, he can make every throw with accuracy on all three levels, no question. When his post-snap look is different from pre-snap, he struggles.”

The first round of the 2017 NFL Draft will take place on Thursday, April 27.