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Desmond Howard Isn't Very High On Ohio State

Desmond Howard talking on College GameDay


ESPN's Desmond Howard is souring on Ohio State.

Desmond Howard disagrees with his colleague Paul Finebaum, who thinks the Buckeyes will win out and make the College Football Playoff.

The former Michigan Wolverines' star thinks the "blueprint" on how to beat Ohio State is out.

From ESPN's College Football Live today:

"I strongly disagree with (Finebaum),” Howard said during Tuesday's show. “Wisconsin laid out the blueprint on how to deal with the Buckeyes and then Penn State handled their business. Penn State followed what Wisconsin did and handled their business. I don’t think they’re going to win out and the Michigan game’s a toss up, but Ohio State may even lose before they play Michigan.

“They still have Sparty too. Don’t look past that game. They always win games they have no business winning especially like last year in Columbus."

Ohio State and Michigan are set to play on Nov. 26.