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Dick Vitale Is Skeptical Of Lane Kiffin's Commitment To FAU

Dick Vitale talks on ESPN.

The ESPN college basketball analyst and Florida native has weighed in on Kiffin's big news.

Dick Vitale is skeptical of Lane Kiffin's commitment to FAU.

It was announced today that Kiffin and FAU had agreed to a new 10-year deal following the successful 2017 season. Kiffin had been mentioned for some other jobs, but he appears to be committed to the Owls' program - for now, anyway.

"This is further proof of FAU's unbridled ambition," FAU president John Kelly told ESPN

Vitale, though, isn't buying the idea that Kiffin will be in Boca Raton for much longer.

Most would agree with Vitale here, and if Kiffin does end up leaving FAU for a Power 5 job, would anyone really blame him?